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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Money and Success

Talking about money, I think you're agree with me that money is a part of success. but talking about success I think still many other factors beside money until we can ‘declare’ as a success person.

If we have a lot of money but to get the money we have to change almost all our time to work and only have tight time for our family, for our activities even for our self to enjoying the money what we get, I think we cannot percept that we are such a success person.

It is nice if we always have enough money to support our life and we have enough time for our kids, for the people who loved, we always happy, healthy, can smile to everyone, can traveling with the whole family.

Shortly, I think success it’s mean we can enjoy our money and our life without having depressed with work waiting behind.


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Anonymous said...

Right thoughts.