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Friday, November 7, 2008

Sangihe and Talaud

Hello guys. Have you heard about islands of Sangihe and Talaud? The islands is belong to Indonesia, location off the very north coast of Manado, in Sulawesi which seem to form a kind of bridge with the very southernmost islands of the Philippines.

The archipelago consists of 77 islands, of which 56 are inhabited. There are many active volcanoes here and a very fertile soil. The islands are divided into two main groups; Sangihe, consisting of the islands Sangir Besar, Siau, Tagulandang and Biaro; and Talaud consisting of the islands of Karakelang, Salibabu, Kaburuan, Nanusa, Miangas, plus many other smaller ones.

In 2002 Sangihe and Talaud became seperate regencies, with the capital of Sangihe being Tahuna, while that of Talaud is Melonguane. Both Sangihe and Talaud have small airstrips serviced by Merpati Nusantara Airlines once a week. Please check with a travel agent. There are seaports in Tahuna, Siau, Tagulandang and Beo which are serviced by various ferries and local boats.

Sangihe Talaud is renowned for its magnificent white sandy beaches with amazing coral gardens as well as an underwater active volcano.

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