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Sunday, January 6, 2008

People Right

If the rights of the poor and the needy and the wayfarers are not fulfilled, then this group of people will be forced to delve into the world of crime. This will in turn not only diminish the level of peace in society, but also create feelings of malice and resentment towards the wealthy. We see that in the poor or underdeveloped nations, it is this group of underprivileged people who come to the streets in protest and raise their anger towards the wealthy and the resourceful and the government. They go on strikes, break the law and create disorder. History is a witness and such disorder results in economic downfall. This group of people also strays away from God for not being helped and the rich stray away from God because they do not help.As we knew that in every society always state the rich and the poor people and the needy and those who provide for them live side-by-side. That the reach has obligation to help the poor But there are people who due to their greediness and self-indulgence abstain from spending their wealth in fulfill the needs of the poor, to the point that they become entirely oblivious to the rights of others. They do not wish to spend an iota of their wealth that is given to them by God. This kind of an attitude widens the gap between people and severs ties between them. It also promotes feelings of jealousy and rancor among the poor for their wealthier relatives. We should restrain from such greed.The more affluent people should always be mindful of the needs of their brothers, and feelings of anger and dispute should never prevent them from extending their hand in help to the poor. We should not indulge in fulfilling his or her own desires alone, but should respect the desires and needs of his brothers, sisters, poor, and others.

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