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Monday, January 28, 2008


Guys, last weekend I went to bandung with my family and I remember that my friend Marie will go to this city next month so I’ll try to write some of the city perhaps its will help you.

Bandung known as City of Flowers and Paris of Java surrounded by a mountainous region full of cool breeze and natural splendors. Bandung is the provincial capital of West Java and third largest city of Indonesia. The outgoing nature and strong belief in their culture of local Sundanese people makes it quite a change from the other cities in the country. Bandung is known more as the place which hosted the first Afro-Asian Conference in 1955 then anything else and it is a pity. It has a pleasant climate and plenty of natural escapes that gives the tourists a break from the hectic schedule they might have anywhere else in the country.

There are not much seasonal variations in Bandung and the time of visit here is determined by the extent of rain. Day and night temperatures vary considerably. While the day temperature remains in the range of 26ºC to 33ºC, night temperatures can drop to a low of 10ºC. Two seasons are clearly defined, east monsoon from June to September that brings the dry climate while West Monsoon from December to March that brings heavy rain. High humidity is a year round phenomenon in Bandung. June to September being the dry season is certainly preferred over rainy season.

Some of places that I recommended to you to visit are:
1. Tangkuban Perahu (mean Capsized Boat) Situated at a distance of around 28 km north of Bandung, this is a 2000 meter wide volcano. The route to Tangkuban Perahu is a mesmerizing introduction to Bandung landscape. Crater can be approached by the bus only while you may have to walk on to reach the Geological Station on the upper rim of the crater. On an active crater you can also see the boiling water jetting out of the ground.
2. Drive along the Bandung - Lembang - Maribaya route for around 90 minutes passing through flowery mountainous landscape and you would find yourself in Maribaya. The place is famous for its beautiful agro landscape, hot water springs, and waterfall.
3. Ciater hot spring the hot spring located at the base of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a favorite picnic spot for the residents of Bandung. The site is situated at a distance of just 32 km north of Bandung and easily accessible by road.

4. Kawah putih (white crater) are situated at Ciwidey, some 40 km south of Bandung. The craters have been now filled with sulphuric water giving them different hue and colors. Sometime it looks that the craters have been covered by the ice sometime they change color from blue to green.
5. Bumi Siliwangi building, this was constructed in 1825 by a Eurasian millionaire of Italian origin, D. W Berrety. This building is a perfect point from where you can see the beauty of Bandung. It is now being used as Bandung Institute of Teachers Training Education.
6. Gedung Papak Built in the year 1920, this building was used as the City Hall in its initial years and later as the office of Bandung Municipality. The structure has been artistically restored recently and now becoming a good tourist attraction.
7. Gedung Sate. This historical building was designed by

architect J. Gerber and the first building that constructed by reinforced concrete technology in Indonesia.

The shopping in Bandung is an enduring experience full of fun. As the city is capital to Western Java, you can look for traditional as well as imported goods in the market. Pasar Kota Kembang is the best place to shop for cheap clothes and leather products. Kampung Ciguriang is the first market in the city while Pasar Baru, Jl. Pasar Utara, Jalan Pasar Selatan, Pasar Jatayu are some of the good places to look for local products. While if you’re looking for food whether it is traditional Bandung cuisine or international one, you would not find any scarcity in any corner of the city. Jalan Diponegoro, Jalan Merdeka, and Alun - alun are some of the best places to hunt for inexpensive local varieties. Food is tasty everywhere and should give you some new experiences in dining. Taxis and minibuses provide most extensive service; both of these can be hired through the hotel where you are staying. City centre can be explored on the foot.

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marie said...

The shopping will definitely be the best part of my vacation. Thank you for sharing all those informations. I'm sure we will be visiting Bogor for the Taman Safari experience since my friend Edna haven't been there yet. I hope you will find time to meet me.