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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is God help You?

This is a story about a man who believes that God will help him in every situation.

Someday heavy rain made a village where he live was flood, this man standing there and pray asked God to save him. The time high water reaches his knee, his friends asked him to leave the house and go to the high place but he refuse and said “don’t worries about me, God will help me!” Rain not stopped even progressively heavily, then rescuer come with a rubber boat to evacuate him the time water reached his chest, but he refused again and told “don’t worry, God will help me!” finally his house was sink by the flood, the man went to the roof and still refused to get help from rescuer who cames with a helicopter to save him and his answer “don’t worry, God will help me!”.

Finally the water sinks him and he couldn’t swim then he died!In the heaven he protests to God “why You didn’t save me from the flood while I didn’t stop to pry asking for your help?” and God replied “I come three times to save you! First I cames with your friends to evacuate you, second I sent you a rubber boat and third I sent you a helicopter! Three times I saved you but three times you refused my help!

The moral story of this; God come and come to help us, to serve us but sometimes or even mostly we didn’t realize because God do with His ways not with our ways!

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