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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Different Place, Different Meaning

Gestures --are actions you do with your body especially hand or head-- have different meanings in different cultures.
For example:In most of country nod means yes but in Greece it means no.
In Germany tossing your head means ‘come here’ but in Italy and some other countries it means ‘no’ and in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh it means ‘Yes’.
In Italy flicking your chin means go a way! But in Brazil it means I don’t know.
In Indonesia and most of country when someone says ‘me! or me?’ is with to point finger to the chest but in Japan for the same purpose point finger to the nose.
In the United States thumbs up means everything is OK but in Nigeria means something bad.
In Canada topping your head means that person’s crazy but in Argentina means I am thinking.
In Peru raised eyebrows means “money” but in Tonga that means “yes”.
In most part of Europe circling your head means that person’s crazy but in the Netherlands it means ‘there’s a phone call’.
In the Netherlands topping your elbow means you can’t depend on that person but in Columbia it means that person’s doesn’t want to spend money.

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