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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 Factors in Effective Communication

The communication process takes place between 2 or more people. The Sender encodes a message, through a channel, to a Receiver who decodes the message and responds through feedback. Effective communication results when there is a transfer of complete understanding between the Sender and the Receiver.

Factors in Effective Communication
1. The right atmosphere with no noise or visual distractions.
2. Agreement on interpretation of words.
3. Awareness of each other’s attitudes.
4. Awareness of each other's fields of experience.
5. Awareness that people's perceptions are different.
6. Awareness of cultural differences.
7. Ability to distinguish between facts and opinions.
8. Getting or giving feedback or response.
9. Making no false assumptions about what the other party knows.
10.Awareness of body language.

Barriers to Communication

Communication often falls short of a transfer of complete understanding. This can be caused by the sender, the receiver, or both, and sometimes by the situation in which the communication occurs.

Barriers often created by the Sender

1. Failure to see communication as a 2-way process.
2. Failure to think out the message clearly before communicating it.
3. Using bad grammar and sentence structure.
4. Speaking in terms unfamiliar to the receiver.
5. Giving information too fast or in too large amounts.
6. Including side issues and other irrelevant material.
7. Mistiming when the message should be given.
8. Limitation of communication to things that will not offend.
9. Fear of displaying limited knowledge.
10. Attack of nerves or lack of confidence in self.


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