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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Travel to Australia

Guys, if you have a plan for a trip, you might want to consider visiting Australia, which has many wonderful and beautiful places you must see there. Australia is an island of ecological diversity. Rare species of animals and vegetation are visible here. So majority of tourists tends to stay for longer durations and study the depth of natural diversity in Australia.

But I suggested you to visit Sidney and Melbourne because in my opinion, travel to Australia is not complete if you are not visit to Sidney and Melbourne, two cities which has many tourist destinations, such as a magnificent sights of Sydney’s Opera House and a lively waterfront precinct, Darling Harbour throbs with activity day and night. It has developed into one of Sydney’s largest dining, shopping and entertainment areas with exhibition and convention centers attracting large crowds. While Melbourne as a capital city of Victoria is the second most populous city in Australia known as home to many of the nation’s most significant cultural and sporting events and institutions.

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