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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Get Paid for Your Writing

Are you interested to get paid for writing articles on your blog? There are quite a few sites which offer to pay you for writing articles. Such as PayPerPost, Blogvertise, Blogitive,Smorty, PayU2blog, Sponsored Reviews, Bloggerwave , ReviewMe. You always need to register with the site and put in the details of your blog. They will then let you know if they approve your blog. Once your blog has been approved you can start writing articles. You are usually given a brief summary of what to write about as well as some links and sometimes pictures to include as well. Most sites state that you have to say the article has been sponsored and you have to keep the articles permanently on your blog. They all work slightly differently.

I will explained you some of them where I’ve been joining and writing sponsored articles in my another blog.

To register with this site your blog must have been online for minimum 90 days and your blog just contain post in English not in another language nor mix in English and non English. With this site you can be paid from $5 per article and you can do up to 3 a day with unpaid post in between. You can look through the opportunities that you are qualified to do. If your post then approved, you have to wait 30 days for payment. PayPerPost also pay you for any new registered member if they visit and register after they click to PayPerPost badge that you put in your side bar.

This is one of the easiest sites in that you log in and before it lists any opportunities available to you but now this site emails when you have a new opportunity to do.

This website is very similar to Smorty.

With in this site you can register 5 blogs you my have all at once.

This site emails when you have a new opportunity to do.

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