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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Religion of Man

I just read an interesting book titled "A BOOK OF RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE" wrote by:Waheed Ahmad. In the section one he studying about the religion of man. Below some of the topic;

We know that there are many religions in the world today such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and, of course, Islam. The question we want to ask then is: what is the common factor among all these religions? Before we answer this question let us take a look at some religious people, of whatever faith they may be, and compare them with the people who do not follow any religion. In such a comparison we notice some important differences between the two groups:

1. The religious people believe in something while the others do not.

2. The religious people perform certain acts of worship while the others do not.

3. The religious people seem to follow a certain code for their social and moral behaviour while the others do not.

4. The religious people find a purpose of life and have a definite philosophy towards it, while the others do not.

Now, we can make an attempt at phrasing a definition of religion:

Religion is a system of beliefs and worships which
includes a code of ethics and a philosophy of life

As we mentioned earlier, there are many religions in the world today. Some of these religions are of recent origin but most of them are very old. In fact we know from history that man has always had a religion. Even the primitive men living in caves or jungles had some sort of religion. The concepts and rituals in man's religion have continually evolved and become more rational and sophisticated as time went on. The primitive religions of the Cave Man and the Bush Man gave rise to the modern religions of the past three thousand years. Today, the major religions of the world include:

Religion Originated in
Zoroastrianism Iran
Confucianism China
Hinduism India
Taoism China
Jainism India
Judaism Near East
Christianity Near East
Islam Near East
Buddhism India
Shinto Japan

These are the great religions of the world which are not only responsible for all our accumulated wealth of wisdom, philosophy, ethics, and social and moral codes, but have influenced the culture, the language and the moral attitudes of almost every person living today.

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